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New Secretary and Treasurer Report Forms

May 23, 2011

District Secretary-Treasurer has been hard at work updating the Secretary and Treasurer Report Forms.  These forms are vital for our district and international organizations so that we can know how we are doing, if we are meeting our goals, and how to best serve specific clubs.  These report forms are the most fundamental form of communication in our organization.  When a Club Secretary or Treasurer fills out a form, that information gets processed into a District-wide report by the District Secretary-Treasurer.  From there, the District Governor takes that report and uses data from it to submit the Governor Monthly Report to the International President and Vice President, who use that information to determine how we are doing as an International Organization.  Without perfect reporting by all of our club secretaries and treasurers, we have blind spots in our evaluation of our organization.  This is why we hound you for these reports!

These reports are due for each month by the 5th of the following month (so the report for April is due May 5, and so on).  We urge you to please submit these reports on time so that we can respond to it and continue to send that information up the Circle K Ladder.

You can view the new report forms on the District Website here.

And to our lovely Club Secretaries and Treasurers out there… THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR CIRCLE K!!!


Subregion F Event: August 13-14

May 16, 2011

Below is a message from Subregion F Event Chair Avanti Kollaram and New Jersey Governor Jen Hseih:

Get ready for the 4th Annual Subregion F event! This time it’s going to BIGGER, BETTER and on the BEACH because we are taking it to… the JERSEY SHORE!
9am-3pm: Service on the Beach! Beach clean ups and service projects
3pm-6pm: Beach Fun! Beach volleyball, frisbee, swimming and whatever else you wanna do on the beach! Also a locks of love donation for anyone that wants to donate their hair!
6pm-8pm: Subregion F Dinner in Atlantic City!
8pm-10pm: Something fun in Atlantic City 🙂 We’ll find something everyone would like to do! Maybe watch a show going on that night or something!
10pm-10am: A night in Atlantic City!!

10am-12pm: Brunch!
12pm-1pm: Closing Goodbyes & Sub F Superlatives!

Afterwards: Beach/Boardwalk/Atlantic City fun for those that want to stay later!

We are still working out the details on how much registration will be but we do know that it will cover your Subregion F Dinner, hotel, service supplies and (of course!) a T-Shirt! We are currently trying to find the best deals with a group rate, but we’ll be staying in an awesome Atlantic City Casino Hotel like Taj Mahal or Tropicana. We are hoping registration will not be more than $40! Once we finalize the price, we will put up registration so you all can register!

If you have any questions, please contact Avanti Kollaram ( or Jen Hsieh ( Can wait to see you all Sub F-ers in ATLANTIC CITY!!!

Learn more and tell us you’re going on Facebook at

International Board Candidates and Amendment Proposals

May 15, 2011

Every year, at International Convention, during House of Delegates, we elect a new International Board of Representatives and vote on various proposed amendments to the International Bylaws.  Delegates from New England will vote for International President, International Vice President, Subregion F Representative, and on the various amendments.  Since CKI didn’t assemble one comprehensive candidates/proposed amendments packets, I have attempted to do so below:

First, here is the campaign literature for  the candidates.

International President

International Vice President

Currently there are no declared candidates for Subregion F Representatives.

Next, here are the proposed amendments to the CKI Bylaws:

Satellite Clubs (Proposed by CKI Executive Committee): Article 6 Section 5

Establishing a Representative for Non-Districted Clubs (Proposed by CKI Executive Committee):

Providing the International Council with Veto Power over amendments to the International Policy Codes (Proposed by the CKI Executive Committee… I think):
Increasing the Number of Delegates at International Convention (Proposed by the CKI Executive Committee): Article 19 Section 5
Reducing the Club Fee for Clubs in Tier B and C Nations (Proposed by Distrito Andino y Centro Americano): Article 21 Section 1
Reinstating ‘No Confidence’ Option in Balloting (Proposed by the CKI Executive Committee): Multiple Articles and Sections, Not Yet Uploaded

District Goals

May 11, 2011

At our District Board meeting, we decided on a set of goals for our board to strive for in the District.  We believe these goals are reachable, though they will require work.

1. Have 16 active clubs in the district by April 1, 2012.

Currently, we have 13 active clubs.  Last year, we made the goal to charter 3 new clubs.  We came close to chartering Simmons College, Gordon College, Bryant University, Greenfield Community College, University of Connecticut, and a couple other clubs.  Therefore, this year, we decided that we would keep the same goal.  We plan to work with the groundwork laid this past year to build these new clubs.

The other half of this goal is that we do not want to lose any clubs.  One of the biggest problems in Circle K is the rate at which clubs go inactive and disappear.  Being student-run is a double-edged sword, and that lack of stability is the edge that hurts us.  It is our mission to work with the clubs in our district that are struggling to help them recruit more members, enhance their leadership, and do more service in their communities, ensuring that these clubs will survive the year and set a foundation that will prop them up for years to come.

2. Have 375 dues-paid members by April 1, 2012.

Currently, we have 314 dues-paid members.  Last year, we set a goal of 400, hoping that the new Club Fee system would make it easier for more members to pay dues.  However, this didn’t work out for us.  Here are some reasons why we hope to surpass the 375 goal:

  1. If we charter 3 new clubs, that will add 45 members to the district. (314+45=359)
  2. I personally hope to strongly promote recruitment and retention tactics and strategies to clubs through workshops, resources, and blurbs/articles in the weekly e-mails.  I hope that this will result in some clubs effectively growing their clubs.
  3. Our board has decided to make more of a push for clubs to submit dues for new members after December 1st.  This will result in more students who attend Circle K meetings and events becoming dues-paid members.

3. 15% of membership attend InterNECK and 25% of membership attend DCON.

Of 375 members, 15% is 56 attendees.  This goal is the same as last year, and last year we got 14% (46 attendees).  Through promoting the event, and creating innovating programming that is different than past InterNECKs, we hope to get more members to attend the event.

Similarly, of 375 members, 25% is 94 attendees.  This would be the largest DCON in years.  We had 72 attendees this past year (23%). However, as we work the tweaks out of holding DCON at Camp Sunshine, continue to promote it to members, and especially promote it to clubs that don’t traditionally attend, we believe that 94 is doable.

Having high attendance at district events is extremely important because these events provide members with ideas, inspiration, and energy that then goes back with them to their home club and can only benefit our organization and individual clubs.

4. Record 25 service hours per dues-paid member and $15 per member fundraised for District Projects, International Service Partners, and the ELIMINATE Project, combined.

This past year, we recorded 21.75 service hours per member.  Since service is the main tenet of our organization, we of course want to increase the amount that we do.  First, we will promote new ideas for service projects, including in-meeting projects, that will allow clubs to do more hours.  Second, we will try to push for 100% reporting.  While our records show that our district did 6831 service hours last year, we can be almost sure that more was done and not reported.

As far as fundraising goes, we are sure that this goal will be surpassed.  We record $10.03 raised per member for District Projects last year.  With the new treasurer report forms, we will begin recording money fundraised for International Service Partners and the ELIMINATE Project.  This will give us a more accurate count of how much is raised for organizations and causes associated with Circle K.  We plan on heavily promoting the ELIMINATE Project and hope that many  clubs will fundraise for it.  Once again, reporting is vital for this goal.

5. Record 5 interclubs/Kiwanis Family Relations per active club.

We haven’t made goals about interclubs in recent history.  However, the board decided that, especially with the differentiation between Interclubs and Kiwanis Family Relations, that it is important for us to strive to increase the number of both in our district.

Right now, interclubs are rather few and far between in New England.  While physical distance does get in our way, the benefit of clubs interacting through an interclub can only be beneficial.  If the interclub involves a service project, it is even better.

Kiwanis Family Relations are even more vital.  Every Circle K Club should visit their Sponsoring Kiwanis Club at least once per semester.  Westfield State will have quite a few with their sponsored Builders Club.  We also hope that we will be able to see some KFRs with Key Clubs.

NED Goes to the Governor and Administrator Training Conference in Indianapolis, IN

April 12, 2011

Ned, Tim, and I spent this past weekend in Indianapolis attending the Governors and Administrators Training Conference preparing for the coming year.  Friday night began with a visit to the Kiwanis (and Circle K) International Headquarters!  We got a great chance to bond with all of the other Governors (and mascots) from all over the U.S., Canada, Colombia, and the Caribbean!  It was a great time, except for the brief span when NED was stolen by the International Board and they required me to sing in order to get him back (which was not pleasant for anyone to listen to)…

CKI Leadership Academy

April 6, 2011

Leadership Academy is a unique event held every summer to help Circle K members grow personally as leaders, both within our organization and in life in general.  Any member of CKI is invited to attend.  The event will take place from July 26-31 in Morgantown, Indiana (transportation provided from Indianapolis Int’l Airport).  It provides an incredible opportunity for personal growth and fellowship.  Registration for the event is $145, including all expenses except transportation.  You can always ask your Student Activities Board, Club, or Kiwanis Sponsor for financial assistance to attend.  They should see it as an investment in you, to improve your leadership and benefit our organization.

For more information, see

The application is here.

March for Babies Walks

April 4, 2011

March of Dimes, one of our International Service Partners, strives to prevent premature birth and help ensure that premies survive and thrive.  One of their primary fundraisers is the March for Babies Walk, held in cities throughout the United States.  Your club can form a team in a local March for Babies Walk and raise funds to help fight premature birth.  For more information, see

Below is a list of events throughout New England (excluding Vermont).  Locations near CKI Clubs are italicized.  I strongly encourage you to create a team for your club and help with one of our International Service Partners!


April 30 – Fairfield
April 30 – Greater Mystic
April 30 – Central Connecticut (New Britain)
May 1 – Candlewood (Danbury)
May 1 – Greater Hartford
May 1 – Quassy (Middlebury)
May 1 – Middletown
May 1 – New Haven
May 1 – Stamford


May 1 – Lewiston-Auburn
May 1 – Augusta
May 1 – Bangor
May 1 – Bath-Brunswick
May 1 – Ellsworth
May 1 – Western Mountains (Jay)
May 1 – Lincoln
May 1 – Greater Portland
May 1 – Rockland
May 1 – Saco-Biddeford
May 1 – Sanford
May 1 – Waterville
May 21 – Presque Isle


April 16 – Springfield
April 17 – Worcester
May 7 – Boston
June 19 – Cape Cod Canal
July 23 – Lowell

New Hampshire

April 30 – Lakes Region (Laconia)
May 1 – Manchester
May 7 – Upper Valley (Lebanon)
May 15 – Monadnock Region (Keene)
May 21 – Nashua
May 22 – Seacoast (Portsmouth)

Rhode Island

April 30 – Rhode Island March for Babies (Bristol)
May 7 – Johnson & Wales March for Babies (Providence)